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Join mal in her diary of her life in auradon and would her love life be any different If she was dating Carlos son of cruella de vil. Just For Fun Movies Descendants Mal Evie Doug . ben. He's always second guessing himself. When the king died the kingdom he ruled would be split between the four sons. A new one has started, one filled with new friendships, but the pain from past betrayals still lingers. Just In. Mal's POV. Word count: 1,234.

One man preaching the word of good, light, and love to a generation who's never seen a clear blue sky in their lives. Jane does so, and the wings blur, starting to kick up a wind. I bet u can guess. Who wear our second-hand, thread-bear clothing and use technology we've passed decades ago. "Carlos totally has a crush on Jane!" The four other teen's jaws literally dropped to the floor.

Carlos Ben Disney Descendants. Carlos' p.o.v. That does NOT last long when Lady Tremaine and Cruella De Vil team up to vowl revenge on their enemies and . Ben, now as king, after the cotillion and having seen the living conditions of the Isle of the Lost, he decided to bring more children to Auradon. Summary. +21 more.

Part 52 of Descendants Fanfiction. "You've got great hair." Jane has new hair. 42 Descendants Fanfiction. Dude is Carlos De Vil's dog that appears in the Descendants franchise. Find out which Descendants characters you are P.S. Raised to believe that dogs are vicious animals, Carlos used to have an irrational fear of canines. (also a tribute . 6. (I understand that may evolve abuse I am ok with . It's all Chad's ever wanted, ever needed. He was first introduced in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel and appeared as the bully target of Jay and Mal. Lady Tremain also had a son (beside her grandchildren) whose back got burned or something. After the cotillion, Jane and Carlos' relationship seemed to blossom.

The only reason I skipped the part where Mal and Ben fought in the beginning was to set up the story. As they walked home, Jane started asking Carlos questions about his life on the isle.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . If you didn't know, Jane is the sweet 14 year old daughter of the Fairy Godmother, making her and Mal (Maleficent's daughter) the most powerful Descendants of the entire group. Zelena has finally reached a happy ending, but it turns out that it was merely the ending to one chapter of her life. Carlos Oscar De Vil was the main tritagonist in the Descendants franchise, portrayed by late Cameron Boyce. - one large food fight was caused by them. 191 To se mi líbí, 8 komentářů - Giulia (@descendantsquotes) na Instagramu: „'s post Jane and Carlos are so cuute #descendants2" Michelle Descendants 2 (2017) Lonnie and Audrey host a sleepover. I really, really wish I could. 315 9 3. read to find out. Unfortunately, Harriet only appears in the books and is yet to be seen. A human teenager raised by lions.

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"I'm flying!" She whooped, a bright smile stretching wide.

Princess Evie Queen is the deuteragonist in the Disney Channel films, Descendants and Descendants 2, she's also the tritagonist of Descendants 3, she is . In Descendants 2, Carlos really wants to ask Jane to the Cotillion, but he always chickens out at the last moment.

Non-canon compliant after D2 but may borrow some elements from it. Princess Keira Chicha (unknown last name) is the fifteen -year-old daughter of Kuzco and Malina from The Emperor's New Groove franchise.

"Carlos and Jane sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-oof!" Carlos punched Jay to shut him up. After the events of Descendants 2, a new student arrives at Auradon, Kyle, son of Simba.

They tell Fairy Godmother at the Cotillion and are seen dancing and laughing as a couple at the end. Riley has always been the different girl at Auradon Prep. After the Family Day incident she wasn't above ridiculing the VKs out loud but mostly Mal. Which Descendants couple's child are you? Community.

Fantasy Romance Disney Descendants. All his life, he feared. Apart from four former-villains, who were all crammed onto the bench Carlos had been sitting at with Jane.

Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos all sat miserably in the tiny space they shared with their parents. Carlos De Vil is the tritagonist of the Descendants franchise..

Ben was right, her little scene had broken the ice between them and the other people of Auradon present. Jay Carlos Ben Audrey Jane Lonnie Chad. Which resulted in the core 4 plus Ben and Jane having to clean the whole cafeteria - Carlos is so shy to kiss Jane. Gaining A Family Chapter 1: Apologies, a descendants, 2015 fanfic | FanFiction. [Disney Descendants, post-D3, Ben x OC] In the idyllic modern-day kingdom of Auradon, the royal wedding of King Ben and Lady Mal is interrupted by a band of alien pirates from outer space, who abduct the young groom at the orders of some mysterious figure.

Voice. This takes place during my little Mal Series and goes along with my YouTube texting story Evie's Struggles. Whether that is Mal (and the others) stand up for themselves and pointing out "rot" of some of the AK's Chad and Audrey or the "heroes" realize just how bad life of the isle is for the innocent children are. She becomes close with Uma's crew, and even closer with a certain pirate. Just like in Chad's dreams. Jane's eyes widened, before she began to rise up into the air. Jane x Carlos ( a descendants fan fiction) - Carlos! 3. Neglect. They wanted to be back with their hero friends and doing things that they actually enjoyed.. Carlos wanted to be back with his newfound canine friend Dude, the Auradon Prep campus mutt and playing Tourney with Jay and Ben, eating chocolate and fixing things as well as spending . Mal, Jay, Evie, Carlos, Ben and Jane are the only characters to appear in every installment of the Descendants franchise. The first time Doug, Ben, and Chad go camping they find a dead body. Carlos and Jane is a romantic pairing, Carlos is the son of Cruella De Vil, and Jane is the daughter of Fairy Godmother. Dove Cameron. Jane had video-chatted with her mother as soon as she and Carlos returned to their apartment. Any and all family and friendship feels are included- especially Mal and Evie's sisterhood. Jane x Carlos ( a descendants fan fiction) 16 parts Ongoing. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth heading to Auradon Prep for here.. Family day fanfiction. He feared dogs.

Today, I will figure out who the mother is of Harry, and his sisters Harriet and Calista Jane (CJ).

"I know." She kissed his forehead. She held an initial fear of VKs, and by extension Jay. ?" "Mom's gonna kill me!" Jane's hair reverted to as it was before. The coronation where I had to defeat and shrink my mother, then the after party which I had only left fifteen minutes ago and was still going on. the most pure and underrated couple in the entire series, wish they had more scenes!! "Our parents must be so angry with us," Evie stared up at the sky, her eyes sparkling with the moonlight. I've always had a theory that the reason Ben was so over-the-top after being given the love potion was because of true love, or because he was already in love with Mal. "Let me see your arm." The white-haired boy finally let go of his left wrist, and Jane took it. (see . carlosxjane descendants eviexdoug malxben jayxlonnie evie mal jane carlos jay ben doug disneydescendants lonnie descendants2 gil audrey uma isleofthelost janelos 39 Stories Sort by: Hot He was the son of Cruella De Vil. Here's the story you all have been waiting for! "Very good." Mal might be sparing in her praise, but it was always deserved. "It h-hurts".

this was supposed to be a one-shot. 16 parts.

The two had just left the big dance from after the coronation. That moment, her wings missed a beat, and she was sent back to the ground in a tumble. CJ had an appearence in Descendants: Wicked World and Harry (ofcourse) was a main role in Descendants 2. He is the mascot of Auradon Prep and he appears during the scene when Ben was training Carlos. 7. Carlos was eating with Jane and some of her friends while Jay was sitting with some other Tourney player and their families. . # 16. the unexpected (marlos love story) by harleen quinzel. jane, janexcarlos, carlos. Carlos just reddened at their stares, while Jay was cracking up, laughing. Looking around them, Mal could see that most people were thoughtful. According to the "backstory" actors, Dove and Thomas, and director Kenny Ortega jokingly made, Harry and Mal used to date. This is my first quiz.

4. Jay and Carlos practice for a tourney game with Jane and Audrey watching.

Jay. Jane is so happy with the gift and the fact that he remembered her birthday. They missed Auradon. Who eat our leftovers, and our trash. Add to library 22 Discussion 78. Bonus fact: Brenna D'Amico (Jane's portrayer in the movies) is the only one of the main actors to be the same age as their character while shooting Descendants. He feared Maleficent. This section is in need of major improvement.

Carlos Ben Audrey Doug Jane Fairy Godmother Mordu Maleficent Evil Queen. Crossing the Bridge . Mal and Ben write a song for the first time. bugheadfluff. Long, long, long, long ago, a king had four sons. Freckled, sun-kissed hands clench at his back, Carlos is still crying, but he's reciprocating the kiss with vigour. Descendants Brother Mal Maleficent Jafar Jay Cruella De Vil Evil Queen Evie Carlos Song Disney Villain Villain. . Jane's eyes widened, before she began to rise up into the air.

Evie just giggled. Carlos knew the feeling all too well after years of being treated like a slave for his . marlos.

fanfic fanfiction oc harry hook uma uma fanfiction harry hook fanfiction ben mal evie evie grimhilde institute / aacr / fight crc. The boys pay them a visit . They still fought (unfortunately). He first appears as one of the two tritagonists of Descendants, its prequel novel Isle of The Lost, its spinoff animated series Descendants: Wicked World, its midquel Return to The Isle of The Lost, as well as Descendants 2.He also appears as a major character in both Descendants 3 and its prequel novel Escape From The Isle of The . Carlos - "Jane, maybe we should just-" Jane - "Skip the whole thing?

Carlos is a soft boy who makes flower crowns for his family.