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It's love at first fright when Gomez (Raul Julia) and Morticia (Anjelica Huston) welcome a new addition to the Addams household--Pubert, their soft, cuddly, mustachioed baby boy. While another continued: "That Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams photo is a fake, but a Ricci-led Addams Family reboot would be AMAZING." Related articles. Christina Ricci (born 12 February 1980) is an American actress. Despite rumors that Christina Ricci was set to play Morticia in Tim Burton's Wednesday, it's now come to light that Academy Award-winner Catherine Zeta-Jones will actually play the Addams matriarch.

Christina Ricci was just . Thank-you for following my . The now 41-year-old actress has been in a number of films, playing dark, edgy characters like the one she played in The Addams Family.
Christina Ricci (Wednesday Addams) dressed as Morticia Addams. Remember when Christina Ricci played the 11-year-old daughter Wednesday Addams on "The Addams Family?" Well, the Internet started going crazy when a photo of the now 35-year-old actress dressed up as her TV mom, Morticia Addams, in a sexy, low cut dress, showed up on the Tumblr account Mystical Enchantment on Monday.. your own Pins on Pinterest Images for Christina Ricci As . The 35-year-old star was just 11 when she appeared as Wednesday Addams, daughter of Morticia (Anjelica Huston) and Gomez Addams (Raul Julia), in the 1991 movie remake of the classic television series. On Monday, September 21, Jaws dropped, and tongues came out as Ricci's Morticia image went viral. Christina Ricci is the director's favorite Tim Burton ('The Planet of the Apes', 'Corpse Bride') to play the role of Morticia Addams in her franchise reboot on Netflix. The Beginning of Everything. Christina Ricci to play Morticia Addams in Tim Burton's The Addams Family series? That viral pic from Tumblr of Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams isn't real, but it proves why Morticia is the part she was born to play, baby Christina Ricci in Lizzie Borden Took an Ax: I've stayed away from Asian Twitter ever since two different camps within Asian Twitter came to blows over #CancelColbert--the dumbest-looking campaign against a fictional TV character since Dan Quayle's . Discover (and save!) Christina Ricci to play Morticia Addams in the new Wednesday show? She is known for playing unconventional characters with a dark edge. The Addams Family with Christina Ricci (second left) as Wednesday and Anjelica Huston (centre right) as Morticia. Cinema Tv. Just in time for Halloween season, a picture of Christina Ricci dressed as Morticia Addams has surfaced. Ricci famously starred as Wednesday Addams in 1991's The Addams Family, but she looks more . I was going to say, Christina Ricci is tinnnnnnny and doesn't have a figure like that. Wednesday (Christina Ricci), Fester (Christopher Lloyd) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) spend some quality Addams Family time in The Addams Family. Wednesday Addams is an audience favorite, not only because she was wonderfully portrayed by Christina Ricci in the films, but also because she has her own feminist YouTube series, "Adult Wednesday Addams." Wednesday is an INTJ, or The Architect. (Photo: Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection) Confronted with Ricci's youthful wisdom, Sonnenfeld and Rudnick immediately went back to the typewriter and Uncle Fester was Uncle Fester again by the time shooting started. Anjelica Houston nailed the role in the '90s remake, but we can't get over how hard Ms. Ricci is slaying this look right now. Store. Anjelica Huston. Image. Best known for playing Wednesday Addams, Ricci was notable not only for her . Was Christina Ricci Wednesday Addams? The original film brought the 1930s-era illustrations by Charles Addams to life starring several famous actors, including the likes of Anjelica Huston, Christina Ricci, Raúl Juliá and . Ricci, who played daughter Wednesday Addams in the 1991 movie "The Addams Family" and a 1993 sequel "Addams Family Values" opposite Anjelica Huston's portrayal of Morticia Addams, is all grown up now at 35, noted . Netflix is reportedly eyeing Christina Ricci to play Morticia Addams in their upcoming Addams Family TV series Wednesday.Morticia is of course the mother of the Addams Family, who was first portrayed by Carolyn Jones in the original '60s The Addams Family.A few other actresses have played Morticia throughout the years in different movies and short-lived TV shows. Christina Ricci was photoshopped into a publicity still of a 1990's mortician, Anjelica Huston. Ricci received initial recognition and praise as a child star for her Addams Family performances, and her role as Kat Harvey in Casper (1995). your own Pins on Pinterest "Addams Family Values": Christina Ricci (Wednesday) and Joan Cusack (Debbie) were the standouts in a sequel which surpassed its original in humor. Sep 22, 2015 - A photo of Christina Ricci "dressed up" like Morticia Addams just broke the internet! Architects are brilliant and good at just about . The Addams Family is something of a staple in the world of mainstream spooky media . The Addams Family and Sleepy Hollow star Christina Ricci has married hair stylist Mark Hampton.. She announced this wonderful news via Instagram this weekend, with a wedding selfie captioned: "Mr . Groucho Marx. Christina Ricci Dressed Up as Morticia Addams Causes Jaws to Drop, Even If the Photo May Be Totally Fake Actress gets social media buzzing before the truth behind the photo is uncovered By Adam Miller 15:42, Tue, Jan 31, 2017 | UPDATED: 08 . Christina Ricci to play Morticia in Netflix reboot 'The Addams Family' on Netflix. Funny Look-Alikes: Celebs, Famous People, Objects and Animals Matched With Their Long Lost Twins. Click to skip. On Monday, the internet responded with a resounding "Cara mia!" to an image that appeared to show Christina Ricci dressed up as Morticia Addams from . Sports.
1 of 2 . By Chloe Lal. Addams Family Values is one of those films I never stop laughing at. Failbooking. Read more: Tim Burton's The Addams Family Series Called Wednesday Officially Announced By Netflix. By Jenna Anderson - May 2, 2021 01:48 pm EDT. Rumor: new Tim Burton-directed Netflix series, Wednesday - based on the Addams Family character - is looking to cast Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams! Discover (and save!) Dude Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci as Gomez and Morticia Addams in this new Tim Burton Addams Family reboot would be PERFECT. However, today those ideas were left behind: a few days ago it was confirmed that Homero will be played by Puerto Rican Luis Guzmán, while Morticia will wear the face of Catherine Zeta-Jones. The 1991 theatrical adaptation The Addams Family re-introduced the morbid cartoon characters that debuted in the '30s and earned a . Internet's Jaw Drops At Image Of Christina Ricci Dressed As Morticia Addams. Precocious outspoken child-teen starlet of the 1990s Christina Ricci was born on February 12 1980 in Santa Monica California the youngest of four children of Sarah Murdoch a realtor and Ralph Ricci a lawyer and therapist. The Addams Family 1991 Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams . Dark Beauty. Addams Family Netflix Series Rumored to Want Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams. Morticia Addams Totally Looks Like Christina Ricci . The cast of the 1991 blockbuster The Addams Family . Some fans had hopped the image was a sneak peak to an Addams Family sequel. Thursday, June 10 2021 About F. Fanni Buzás. It seems as though Tim Burton thinks she's perfect for the role as well. Netflix's Wednesday will be a complete reinvention of . She is of course best known for playing a young Wednesday Addams in the original movie version of The Addams Family in 1991, a role she reprised in the 1993 sequel Addams Family Values. Discover (and save!) We at The Illuminerdi have the latest casting developments for Netflix's upcoming The Addams Family spin-off, Wednesday. Initially, the script—written . As Fester (Christopher Lloyd) falls hard for voluptuous nanny Debbie Jilinksy (Joan Cusack), Wednesday (Christina Ricci) and Pugsley (Jimmy Workman) discover she's a black-widow murderess who plans to add Fester to . 'Addams Family' director Barry Sonnenfeld explains how Christina Ricci saved the 1991 blockbuster. The Camp Chippewa scenes, Debbie trying to kill Uncle Fester and failing, Wednesday smiling for the first time. The Munsters. Christina Ricci (/ˈriːtʃi/; born February 12, 1980) is an American actress. The Illuminerdi is reporting that Tim Burton's upcoming live-action Netflix Addams Family series Wednesday - is looking to cast the OG Wednesday from the '90s films, Christina Ricci, as the Addams family matriarch, Morticia!. Back in 2015, a photoshopped image of Christina dressed as Morticia hit the web and sent fans into an absolute frenzy. From the moment she first snapped her fingers in time to The Addams Family theme song, Christina Ricci was a star. In the black and white photo, which has the mysterious "Addams Family" feel . Sep 23, 2015 2:20pm. Sep 22, 2015 - A Photoshopped image of Christina Ricci dressed as her Addams family mom Morticia Addams is making everyone lose their minds -- read the reactions! Morticia e gomez estão preocupados porque os filhos estão crescendo e o filme mostra essa clássica família. your own Pins on Pinterest Morticia Addams: Christina Ricci.The photo that started it all. Some say the actress would now make a perfect Morticia in a live-action reboot, given her look . Graphs. Ricci is best known from playing the role of Wednesday Addams in the 1991 movie 'The Addams Family' and in the 1993 sequel 'Addams Family Values.' Thanks to the wonder that is the internet, today we all got a look at what it would be like if Ricci were to play the iconic role of the Addams . Christina Ricci has sent the internet into a state of Addams Family-related elation with a picture showing her as Morticia.. Christina Ricci born February 12 1980 is an American actress. your own Pins on Pinterest Wearing a sleek, tight. Home Look-Alike Builder Vote You must be logged in to add favorites | Register for a . All Sites >> Funny Look-Alikes and Doppelgangers. She was born in Santa Monica, California. If I must strike you dead, I will.